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12 Pcs Skull Charcoal

12 Pcs Skull Charcoal

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Product description

Generous Quality Skull Gas Log:

- Skull fireplace log looks just like a real skull for all NG, LP Wood Fireplace, Firepit, Campfire, Halloween Decor, Barbecue fireplaces or decorative use. 

- You can see some orange/red hot spots while burning just like gas logs. Can be used to complement current gas logs, firelog, crackle flame firelogs, fire starters, Glowing Embers, and lava rocks.


◆ Adds realism to your fireplace.

◆ All natural - No added stains or colorants.

◆ Withstands extremely high temperatures.

◆ Add skulls on top of your lava rock or fire glass.

◆ Works with both Natural Gas and Propane appliances.

The Demon Skull Gas Log are perfect for a fire pit or fireplace, and make a great decoration!

We still have other sizes of products, please contact us if you have other needs.